Taper Roller Bearings

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Tapered roller bearings are rolling element bearings that can support axial forces (i.e., they are good thrust bearings) as well as radial forces.
The inner and outer ring raceways are segments of cones and the rollers are tapered so that the conical surfaces of the raceways, and the roller axes, if projected, would all meet at a common point on the main axis of the bearing. This geometry makes the motion of the cones remain coaxial, with no sliding motion between the raceways and the OD of the rollers.

This conical geometry creates a linear contact patch which permits greater loads to be carried than with spherical (ball) bearings, which have point contact. The geometry means that the tangential speeds of the surfaces of each of the rollers are the same as their raceways along the whole length of the contact patch and no differential scrubbing occurs.

The rollers are stabilized and restrained by a flange on the inner ring, against which their large end slides, which stops the rollers from popping out due to the "pumpkin seed effect" of their conical shape.The larger the half angles of these cones the larger the axial force that the bearing can sustain.

45mm x 85mm x 24.75mm Koyo 32209-koyo Taper Roller Bearings

TW118 3.527-12 in
Steel For Lock Washer

40mm x 80mm x 24.75mm Koyo 32208a-koyo Taper Roller Bearings

15400 80mm
Medium Plastic

1.5748inch x 3.149inch x 0.9744inch QBL 32208a-qbl Taper Roller Bearings

Maximum of +250 MIL-B-5687C Type I C
1-1/4 in 50000

40mm x 80mm x 24.75mm Koyo 32208-koyo Taper Roller Bearings

80mm 21.90 KGS
22232kejw33c4-timken 1120

40mm x 80mm x 24.75mm Timken 32208-timken Taper Roller Bearings

Cast Iron Four-Bolt Flange
705854 6.0000 in

40mm x 80mm x 24.75mm NTN 32208-ntn Taper Roller Bearings

Uncoated ANSI
83000 lbf 175000 lbf

1.5748inch x 3.149inch x 0.9744inch QBL 32208-qbl Taper Roller Bearings

0.836 lb 12000 fpm
29607-5541 3926904590.US

35mm x 72mm x 24.25mm Koyo 32207a-koyo Taper Roller Bearings

11 mm 10.5 kg
M 120x2 765 kN

1.378inch x 2.834inch x 0.9547inch QBL 32207a-qbl Taper Roller Bearings

3.1880 in -22 to 400°F
Exceptional Bearing 4500 fpm

1.18inch x 2.44inch x 0.836inch QBL 32206a-qbl Taper Roller Bearings

47 mm 2.5 mm
Round Single Row Non-Fill

35mm x 72mm x 24.25mm Timken 32207-timken Taper Roller Bearings

Four-Bolt Square Cast Steel
Double V-Lock 0.6250 in

35mm x 72mm x 24.25mm NTN 32207a-ntn Taper Roller Bearings

Leg Pressure Pad 10 ton
Press-N-Pull 35mm x 72mm x 24.25mm